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City Projects

Several international galleries and not for profit spaces.

Because those involved with the art-scene don't seem to communicate with each other, the ANP tour, a project with international allure, invites people to collaborate on exhibitions. A co-operation between several galleries and cultural institutions was optioned for, thus enabling the project to serve its regional, national and international arena simultaneously.

Every gallery acts as a curator and composes its own show by choosing artists from different galleries or cultural institutions, based on its personal choice. Every branch of art (visual arts, video and performing arts) is included in this network of artists, cultural institutions and galleries.

Each incarnation of ANP is unique. It can never appear exactly the same twice because it made itself an accusingly distorted reflection of the milieu in which it happens to find itself....Arbitrariness and chance decide the composition of the exhibition....Turning it into an 'expo trouvee'

The concept is to have several shows in different cities within one art season. Through all of this, ANP wants to bring about a discourse about art. It will allow the market-apparatus an opportunity to assign 'value' in an unusual scenario.

art concept: 17 november - 22 december 1999
34 rue louise weiss/75013 paris

art process: 4 may - 29 july 2000
1 place de l'estrapade/75005 paris

galerie s&h de buck: 8 january - 20 march 2000 (part 1)
zuidstationstraat 25/9000 gent

galerie s&h de buck: 7 july-31 august 2000 (part 2)
zuidstationstraat 25/9000 gent

stelling galerie: 25 march - 29 april 2000
kruisstraat 1b/2312 bh leiden

salle de bains: 7 october 1999
mauritsstraat 167/3012 ch rotterdam

cokkie snoei: 26 march - 29 april 2000
mauritsweg 55/3012 jx rotterdam amsterdam

torch: 18 march - 8 april 2000
lauriergracht 94/1016 rn amsterdam

artomatic +: 20 june - 8 july 2000
1314 great sutton street/london ec1v obx

century gallery: 22 september-15 october 2000
1-15 cremer street/london e2 8hd

new york
xl/xavier laboulbenne gallery: 8 june-7 july 2000
504 west 22nd street/new york ny 10011

gracie mansion gallery: 13 september-15 october 2000
54 saint marks place/new york ny 10003