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Dt (Double Take)
winter 2005 through winter 2007


1. Dt consists of three separate shows that are shown separately, but co-exist in the same space.
- A show of drawings and mural(s) by Jimi Dams
- A show of portraits by contemporary photographers.
- A show of work by fashion designers.

2. Content wise, Dt is about the nakedness of an artist. How the artist reveals her/ his psyche through her/ his art.

3. Concept wise, the viewer gets a dialogue between:
- Drawing, photography and fashion
- The photographers themselves (as each works in her/his own particular style). This last dialogue is made even more interesting because each photographer used the same nude model, thus taking the term 'nakedness' literally.
- The fashion designers, in how they deal with the term 'nakedness'.

4. To answer a frequently occurring thought with audiences (of what the artist would look like), Dt features the artist of the drawing exhibition as a model for the work of the photography and fashion leg of the exhibition. This way, the viewer is provided with a look into the "soul" of the artists of the drawing leg of the exhibition as well as that of the photographers and fashion designers, by the way they chose to portray / use the artist.

5. To see what the dialogue would be between artists whose work revolves around designing clothes and how they would respond to 'nakedness', fashion designers were invited to provide the sculptural element of the project. Their contribution is an intriguing and important part of the show that serves as material for reflection and a motivator for production. It shows that sometimes, the way clothing wraps around a body, tells us more about the body than it conceals.


Anuschka Blommers/Niels Schumm (NL)
Christoph Broich (B)
Aaron Cobbett (U.S.)
Christophe Coppens (B)
Jimi Dams (U.S.)
Sue de Beer (U.S.)
Xavier Delcour (B)
Roberto Deluna (U.S.)
Margi Geerlinks (NL)
Charles Hovland (U.S.)
Willy Jolly (NL)
Richard Kern / Martynka Wawrzyniak (U.S.)
Terence Koh (U.S.)
Jack Louth (U.S.)
Alex Lucka (F)
Joe Oppedisano (U.S.)
Richard Phibbs (U.S.)
Mike Ruiz (U.S.)
Stanley Stellar (U.S.)