Everyone Has Experienced Natural Subliminal Influence.
Have you ever witnessed one person in a room yawn and then, even though no one took real notice of it, others start yawning too? Everyone has. Were these other people really tired? Or were they fooled into thinking they were tired? Quite probably they were only a little tired. They began yawning, however, as a triggered response. Many kinds of stimulus can trigger such responses in very controlled ways.

A television commercial showing delicious food being eaten can trigger a response in your brain that makes you seem hungry. Sometimes your mouth will even water. Why? The food is not really there and you are not really hungry, but a natural desire lying dormant in you has been stimulated by electron images passing on your television screen. Your body is influenced to feel certain ways by means such as this every day.

Does Artificial Subliminal Mood Altering Technology Really Work?
Yes and no. Many of the subliminal products sold in years past have worked only moderately, at best. Some did not work at all. With modern digital mixing and encrypting methods, there is now a way to vastly improve the means of conveying subliminal messages. The manufacturer of these tapes has taken this digital technology and adapted it for this very special application.

With this adaptation of this new digital technology, they have succeeded in creating much better mixes of subliminal messages and audible music. It is now possible to bring the thought altering message tracks much closer to the threshold of conscious recognition, while still keeping them completely undetectable to the unsuspecting listener. These methods were not technically possible even just ten years ago.

Most Men Have Supressed Sexual Desires.
Most men will admit that they would often love to have sex with women they hardly know, but refrain from doing so because of social pressures. Men who say "no," often really want to say "yes," but they repress their natural appetites for sex because of peer pressure! "What would my friends think?"

Who knows how many millions of potentially wonderful relationships have never had a chance to get started because men thought they should play "hard to get," when what they really wanted was just the opposite? Women get tired of waiting and tired of being asked to "jump through hoops" and move on. Sadly, both women and men end up cheated out of their chances for happiness in this way.

Why Haven't They Outlawed This?
Thanks to the first amendment we can still sell these subliminal recordings. For years though, politicians everywhere have been trying to find some way of outlawing this technology. In the 1950s, during the cold war, lawmakers even worried that the Communists would use this technology to "brain wash" U.S. citizens. There were many politicians eager to have it outlawed. And why shouldn't they be afraid? If subliminal thought control really worked, it could be a powerful tool used against the good citizens of the U.S. The Federal Communications Commission has since enacted a ban against subliminal advertising in broadcast.This ban does not cover our products.

How Can You Sell These Tapes Legally?
Each and every tape we sell is clearly marked "For Amusement Purposes Only." In the event someone somewhere decides we have violated some law, regulation, or ordinance, we can maintain that you, the buyer, knew full well that these recordings were sold to you only for your amusement. Certainly you would agree.

The Supreme Court has ruled, on the basis of first amendment (free speech) rights, that the sale of recordings that contain subliminal messages for personal home use is (at least for now) perfectly legal! It remains forbidden, however, to incorporate subliminal messages into television and radio broadcasts. This prohibition is enforced under the regulation of the Federal Communication Commission. Violators are subject to fines and/or revocation of their broadcast licenses.