CraNma Manifesto or Martial Arts in Post Biological Age

They speak of revolutions, informational warfare, they use practice, initialize and multiply adepts through impragnating verbally flexible but almost nonexistence practices of psycho-lethal social whirls: they say boards, think tanks, lists, festivals: what else can they say?

CraNma sees overloaded protocols, defused nondefined subjects, retinally confused contemporary tangs lost in electronically evoked transparencies of politics. CraNma witnesses mute dispersion. CraNma asks why?

Reflecting this polynomial memetic takeover Timothy Druckery said at his opening speech at the Guggenheim in Mai 98, - "I've about 40 invitations to art festivals in Europe this summer, ..."

CraNma asks: it is summer time: what do they want from us?

CraNma asks in relation to w.j.t mitchell and his "pictural turn" and the question "what do pictures really want?"

CraNma says: There is a new immune system a new membrane of physical transforms: all gentlemen on their own, everybody develops his own strategies to fight this jungle and to follow his/her personal goal.

CraNma collects tactics, combat maps, and soldier dreams out there in the test field space between networks and netholes

CraNma asks you to define the gap avoiding strange attractors of social institution (CraNma means: real strange)

Did you volunteer for CraNma especially looking forward to the Ars Electronica Festival - Infowar - in sept. 98?

CraNma interrogates transparency: transformer B is a geographically removed point of critical discursive comparison in between networks, events, and other memetic social clusters deployed elsewhere.

Get psyched, get mapped out, go CraNma!

Transformer B
  • a.h.s boy
  • Alex Adriaansens
    Mark Amerika
  • Gio D'Angelo
  • Richard Barbrook
  • Ursula Biemann
  • Josephine Bosma
    Tim Boykett
  • Pauline van Mourik Broekman
  • Ted Byfield
    Maite Cajaraville
    Vuk Cosic
  • Jordan Crandall
    Walter van der Cruijsen
  • Roberto Paci Dalo
    Mark Dery
  • Sara Diamond
    Ricardo Dominguez
  • Alexanne Don
  • Timothey Druckrey
  • Micz Flor
  • Rob de la Fresnais
  • Michael Goldhaber
  • Marikki Hakola
  • Tom Hobbs
  • Eric Hobijn
  • David Hudson
  • Natalie Jeremijenko
  • jodi
  • Don Joyce
  • Olga Kisseleva
  • Will Linn
  • Barbara London
    Geert Lovink
  • Tapio Makela
  • Lev Manovich
  • Diana McCarty
  • Iliyana Nedkova
  • Katerina Pavlickova
  • Julianne Pierce
    Virginie Pringuet
    Douglas Rushkoff
  • Tom Sherman
  • Alexei Shulgin
  • Yukiko Shikata
  • Sally Jane Norman
  • Rasa Smite
    Alan Sondheim
    Debra Solomon
  • James Stevens
  • Marleen Stikker
    Mike Stubbs
  • Karthik Swaminathan
  • Tjebbe van Tijen
  • Hironori Watanabe
  • Peter Lamborn Wilson
  • Simon Worthington