all best vladimir! did diana reach you? -pit
Pit Schultz

============================= A couple of weeks ago CranMa told you
it was going to be a hot summer. ==================================
================= Well, we think CranMa was right. ================

hot in which way?

> Shortly before his death in 1961 Merleau-Ponty wrote an essay on > visibility and invisibility where he strongly draws on manipulated extent of > transparency gifs?

can you expand on that?

> It took more than 30 years before we started to question visibility of > content in contemporary condition of semitransparent networking, which > brought out a correspondent social configuration: media networks, labs, > festivals, museums, etc. We don't have exact statistical data but we all > now that except of us there is a lot of other people involved in this > illustrious coil.

you mean inclusion/exclusion and the question of legitimation? no, mean: ghosts.

> We want to question the strategy and the condition. yes please start. there's too much silence.

> In other words, it is about time for meta critique. i agree: a critique of critique on /of the net.

> We put together a list of people who can on the basis of their expertise > and knowledge approach this situation, in a rational way. fine, good to know, where to check this list? is there an archive, what's the procedure. with which text to start?

> Till now, only you have been involved. That will change soon. nice formulation for a mail which seemingly went to many people.. what's your we anyway?

> We think that if we don't generate a strategy now we will again be bound > to default structural basics with no meaning but constructive or > liberating reference of techno realism.

why call the list with a different name, call it we@we.net or so... we@thing.net sounds quite different of course.

> In sum, we count on you as to being on the other side of a think tank > armor, and still being able to reflect. sure, CranMa, but how can i be sure?

> =========================== So, if you like the heat, as CranMa does, > make sure fall wonęt slow us down. ===================================

so that's the anti-anti-movement? i'm curious i thought one leaves the time of movements behind for a while now.