virtually winter
Mike Stubbs

the media / art festival schedule for the year needs to be discussed internationally amongst organisers

more conversation between
organisers would also lead to complimentarity rather than similar themes and debates being re-vistied - this obviously is important in the international context - ie for those that travel to festivals internationally and less for the local people

which brings me to timothy druckerys comment
- was it 46 invites ? (sounds a littel like a sexual boast !)- the critical thing here is remember festivals (carnival?) are not for international academic travellers alone - the work often is totally justiifed for its local or regional input - the international element is an extra for many events - except when predominatly West European or US claim the 'International' stage (which of course HTBA does form time to time!)

Hull Time Base Arts
is very happy to engage in further discussion between those interested in un bunching the international festival circus

why not come to ROOT oct 9th ?

virtually winter