Le Boudoir, 1993

Msg#:  569 *LE BOUDOIR*
12-28-93 17:55:34
Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 213 (HOT)
Excuse me... But is this supposed to be a sex form?

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Msg#:  774 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-05-94 16:14:44
  To: CAROL BROAD (Rcvd)
Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 569 (HOT)
I guess sex takes many forms
       and sometimes you find yourself taking about the stupidest things
without realizing your in the bedroom my mistake
  I hope we haven't caused a lul
                          or ruined the mood lets get back to the subject at

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Msg#:  943 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-09-94 13:58:43
well if this is suppose to be a sex forum than how cum nobody invited me!

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Msg#:  967 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-10-94 13:25:11
ha ha ha ha

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Msg#:  944 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-09-94 14:01:08
well if this is suppose to be a sexforum then lets get started already instead
of using this section as surrogate E-mail

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Msg#:  978 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-10-94 18:35:12
Now that you've gone public with your AOL exploits, you'll have to tell us just
what it is you do with these men you "collect."

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Msg#:  949 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-09-94 14:52:13
Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 800 (AOL)

 > SINNN.zipZIP ZIP >(c)R7
 > A(tm) ?@*A3!D0TRj@4ӧ:a(hi9 @!'
 > 2 °y;f 7c4h0eL7nȁ#Xs)\4o e"Μ1/2J|$lرg"ϛ:
 > Replies
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Msg#: 1016 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-11-94 23:47:17
Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 949 (AOL)
Why yes ,Wolfgang...If orgasms could be translated in codified martian language
than I think that this would "represent " a purrrfect example of

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Msg#:  991 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-11-94 09:36:24
  To: *.*
        It seems that Lorena Bobbitt, when she fled the house with her
husband's severed penis, also took about $200 cash and a video game. Does
anybody know which video game it was?
        Did anybody see the Miss Howard Stern New Year's Eve Pageant? John
Bobbitt was one of the judges. The whole thing revolved around this event. They
even did this amazing recreation of the event, in the mode of those "real"
crime TV shows, with a shadowy Lorena Bobbitt lopping off the penis, later
throwing it into the parking lot of a convenience store, the police later
finding it and placing it in a hot-dog container, etc.
        Anyway, on the Stern Pageant, John Bobbitt sat in front of this
enormous severed penis, which "re-attached" itself and became erect as the
money pledged to help Bobbitt with his medical expenses pured in via the phone
lines (just like the Jerry Lewis Telethon). The money flow, like the blood
flow, thus raised this fallen member, poising it for action.
        Also, Stern periodically offered Bobbitt cash to show his penis on the
show. Each time Bobbitt refused, Stern upped his offer, waving the cash (One
thousand dollars!... Five thousand dollars!... Ten thousand dollars!...) in his
face, like a deranged Bob Barker. Bobbitt wisely refused at the end, but the
suspense was quite intoxicating. (Later, in another media, Bobbitt bragged
that, in fact, his penis has become longer because of the operation. Indeed it

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Msg#: 1019 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-11-94 23:54:15
Subj: SEX
dont worry jordan..keep your pants zipped until I tell you otherwise and you
will soon find out what goes on behind "closed doors" when Im around
...........file will be sent asap

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Msg#: 1235 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-18-94 22:55:16
Subj: HOT
*______________________Enclosed is a Graphic Gangbang_________________________

*Enclosed File: VIPER

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Select from the following transfer protocols:

T - TYPE file to your screen
C - ASCII with DC2/DC4 Capture
A - ASCII only, no Control Codes
Y - YMODEM (Batch)
G - YMODEM-g (Batch)
S - SEAlink
W - SuperKERMIT (Sliding Windows)
Z - ZMODEM-90(Tm)

Choose one (Q to Quit): T

Type P to Pause, S to Stop listing

Lizzard306 : can i lick your toes?

JanineG    : anybody want a gang bang

Lizzard306 : i'll gang bang

JanineG    : how about "HELL"

PJBASSMAN  : Why would you want to there are better parts

JanineG    : ill be there waiting

Geo10Times : 666

Lizzard306 : gone

KevinBME   : Are you there Janine

Viper777   : Hello Flirts...

PJBASSMAN  : Your going to wait in HELL Janine CAN I FOLLOW YOU?

Geo10Times : r u the anti christ Janine 6/6/66

You have just changed to room "hell".
JanineG    : anybody want a little

JanineG    : pussy??????

JanineG    : hi lizard

Lizzard306 : jjjjjanine you make me rigid

WiliamR    : hey lizard, just us?

Lizzard306 : not anymore

JanineG    : hi

WiliamR    : hi

JanineG    : well tell me about you dicks

Cyberlife1 : Here i am do with me what you will

Lizzard306 : hey janine since you started this, how about getting
             on all four's for me

PJBASSMAN  : Janine I followed you to hell TAKE ME!!!

MR PIXEL8  : The heat is wicked

JanineG    : i love them one after another

JanineG    : oh baby

JanineG    : fuck me

Lizzard306 : can you all type with 1 hand?

PJBASSMAN  : sit on my face

JanineG    : my pussy is so wet

Lizzard306 : my girl friend is going to give me head while i type

PJBASSMAN  : Janine I can type with my tounge

MR PIXEL8  : again your on your knees... ANd I grease my 9inches
             with the dribble from you cunt... and push up to y

Cyberlife1 : Jaine be more desscriptive

CMD DJ     : HI GANG how about a little more cock, 10 and a half

MR PIXEL8  : your ass

JanineG    : i can have multiple orgasms just thinking about all
             your cocks

JanineG    : one in my pussy

JanineG    : one al over my mouth

MR PIXEL8  : Are you touching yourself

Lizzard306 : mine in your pussy, my girlfriend on your face

PJBASSMAN  : one up your ass

JanineG    : i love to suck cocks

Lizzard306 : how about pussy?

PISTOL44   : Janine...any pictures?

PJBASSMAN  : and cum too?

MR PIXEL8  : Janine I wnat you to suck my cock now!

JanineG    : you can put it up my ass if you use some jely

Lizzard306 : i have pictures of janine

Cyberlife1 : What would you do if I came in you r face

MR PIXEL8  : Anyone bring handcuffs? ROpe?

PJBASSMAN  : what flavor?

JanineG    : im thinking of uploading a picture

PISTOL44   : Where?

Cyberlife1 : If you have pictures I want them

JanineG    : that way you can really fucking die

JanineG    : when yo see my tits

Lizzard306 : ask janine first if i can give them out

PJBASSMAN  : Janine  hurry up open your mouth I'm cumming

JanineG    : my tight ass

MR PIXEL8  : Can't talk with your mouth full G9

JanineG    : sure lizzars

Lizzard306 : people leaving, shot there load already?

PISTOL44   : Janine...now I'm convinced...I do know you.

JanineG    : damm with yu rcock its suprising i can even think

JanineG    : pistol how big is it

JanineG    : tell me

Lizzard306 : hey janine ever had a chick eat you?

JanineG    : I want to know how bug all of you cocks are

MR PIXEL8  : I'm pounding your throat lond and slow

PISTOL44   : Just smile...alot!!!

JanineG    : no chicks only w guys

PJBASSMAN  : Janine slide your tight ass on to my throbbing member

JanineG    : only 2

MR PIXEL8  : usally 8.5 tonight might have gained an inch!

JanineG    : ooohhhhhhh baby im cumming

Cyberlife1 : 7.5

Lizzard306 : 7.5

Cyberlife1 : 8.5

PJBASSMAN  : while you lick pixel's cum

JanineG    : im going to have to cum at least 6 more times today

Cyberlife1 : 9.5

MR PIXEL8  : I' think I moving faster

JanineG    : I already jerked off 3 times

Lizzard306 : cyber you grew!!!!

Lizzard306 : watch out!!!!!!!!!!!

PISTOL44   : Janine...want to join the mile high club?

JanineG    : who want there dick sucked first

PJBASSMAN  : do you like to fist fuck?

MR PIXEL8  : hold my cock by the base whiel you give me head


PISTOL44   : Me

Lizzard306 : please just let me suck your cunt

JanineG    : anybody want to fuck a sexy broad tonight for real

Cyberlife1 : Just call me

PJBASSMAN  : can I come on your tits

PISTOL44   : yes

JanineG    : anyone live mear new yourk

MR PIXEL8  : you bet!

Cyberlife1 : I do  I do

PJBASSMAN  : I'll Fly There

JanineG    : well the first one here gets it good

MR PIXEL8  : could be there by dawn

PISTOL44   : Janine...wouldn't it be better in a plane over

PJBASSMAN  : Beam me up SCOTTY!!!

JanineG    : whos comming

PISTOL44   : Where?


MR PIXEL8  : I'm gonna get the silk scarves and tie your hands to
             the bed posts

JanineG    : where is everyone from

JanineG    : i need a cock so bak

MR PIXEL8  : next your ankles

Lizzard306 : i use real crappy ties, and there already there

JanineG    : bad

PISTOL44   : Your dreams

Lizzard306 : buffalo

PJBASSMAN  : we're gonna fuck you to death Janine

MR PIXEL8  : no

JanineG    : cum and get me off

PISTOL44   : Please cal me

JanineG    : I need to be fucked so ghard

Lizzard306 : janine get my pm

PJBASSMAN  : lick it up suck a wet one

MR PIXEL8  : are your fingers dripping yet?

PISTOL44   : Does your spelling always get worse as you get

JanineG    : leave your number on e]mail

JanineG    : wetter than you mouth

PJBASSMAN  : suck you honey of my fingers Janine you slut

JanineG    : yup

JanineG    : i cant think

JanineG    : im so fucking hornet

JanineG    : horney

PISTOL44   : Then make me spell real baaaaaaaaad

Cyberlife1 : Janine who do you want?

MR PIXEL8  : I sit across your stomach and slide my cock betwen
             your tits... the head touches your chin... stroke

JanineG    : help me i need a muscle deep in my pussy

PISTOL44   : To the rescue

Lizzard306 : my muscles flexxin

PJBASSMAN  : Janine can you suck us both at once?

JanineG    : you put ypur cock between my big tits while I suck
             your cock

JanineG    : I want all of you now

PISTOL44   : How big are your tits

Cyberlife1 : all three... are you a porn star?

MR PIXEL8  : I spring to action and lick your clit while he pumps
             your cunt

JanineG    : my tits area 36DD

PJBASSMAN  : can you suck cum off your nipples

PISTOL44   : Perfect.

JanineG    : porn star?? ive had offers

Lizzard306 : i'm getting sticky, so i'm gone, janine call me in
             around an hour, i left you e-mail

JanineG    : actually its for real

JanineG    : in hooked up to the porn industry

PISTOL44   : Ignore them. You're better off with me.

JanineG    : suck me

MR PIXEL8  : My turn

PJBASSMAN  : all FIVE Janine Fuck and suck ALL FIVE

PISTOL44   : yes...................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lizzard306 : is that a yes or no janine?

JanineG    : jamm your strong fingers up my cunt

JanineG    : a yes i guess L

Cyberlife1 : Janine tell us what you you look like

Lizzard306 : see you in an hour, don't be too tired

Lizzard306 : by all see you tomor

MR PIXEL8  : tell me how you'd suck me off

PJBASSMAN  : my fist is pumping your wet open cunt

PISTOL44   : Janine, for reasons of our own...I think we should be

JanineG    : I look like a cross between isabellla rosselini and
             molly ringwald

JanineG    : but better

PISTOL44   : Of course

JanineG    : every one who I meet wants to fuck the shit out of me


Cyberlife1 : Will you take it up the ass?

JanineG    : anyone really sexy  looking

PISTOL44   : So I'm no different..just better.

JanineG    : give it to me


MR PIXEL8  : I am reeallly sexy

PISTOL44   : Visit me

MR PIXEL8  : hard ass, long legs

JanineG    : pixel i want your picture

PJBASSMAN  : if you use jelly

MR PIXEL8  : you wnat my cock

JanineG    : where so you live pistol

JanineG    : can anyone satisfy me tonight

JanineG    : actually i ned a spanking

MR PIXEL8  : roll over

PJBASSMAN  : PJ will Honey

PISTOL44   : Not to be facetious...but I travel all the time and
             live mostly in the Southeast...


Cyberlife1 : I know  MR PIXEL8 and he's not

JanineG    : i cum really hard when i get fucked from behind than

MR PIXEL8  : I've got my hand open and I swat the girl burning in

JanineG    : oooooooooouuuuuuuuuccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh

PISTOL44   : I would never spank you

MR PIXEL8  : I ram my cock up her ass and grab you by the hips

PJBASSMAN  : Swat!!!Swat!!! get on your knees bitch

JanineG    : ahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'h'

JanineG    : lick it

MR PIXEL8  : and pull you up and lift you up

JanineG    : baby i want you

MR PIXEL8  : pumping

MR PIXEL8  : harder

Cyberlife1 : JanineG where in NY I'll be right over

MR PIXEL8  : deeperrrrr

JanineG    : dont leave me empty for a second

MR PIXEL8  : burying it

JanineG    : lick my belybutton

PJBASSMAN  : open your fucking mouth I want to fuck your face

JanineG    : grab my breasts

MR PIXEL8  : I reach for your cunt and finegr

PISTOL44   : I love that

PISTOL44   : That too!

MR PIXEL8  : in in out

MR PIXEL8  : lond and firm

JanineG    : lick my neck


JanineG    : bite my nippples off

MR PIXEL8  : licking like a lioness

PISTOL44   : Sorry I was loud


JanineG    : breathe heavy

MR PIXEL8  : holing you hips and steering you

JanineG    : deep in my throat GAG>>

PISTOL44   : Janine..can I have you for New Years Eve?

JanineG    : im lifted by your cock

JanineG    : your power

PJBASSMAN  : HEAVY>>HEAVY I'm gonna cum down your throat

MR PIXEL8  : upmpimg

JanineG    : every night

MR PIXEL8  : hmmmmmmmmmmph

MR PIXEL8  : arghh

JanineG    : cum down my throat i love hot cum

JanineG    : sweet cum

MR PIXEL8  : im buried in your hot ass it burns liek he;;

JanineG    : al over my back

JanineG    : are you doing it

PISTOL44   : How long can you hold your breath?

PJBASSMAN  : Janine I need to fuck you 24 hrs a day can you handle

JanineG    : grab your cock

JanineG    : touch it you fucker

MR PIXEL8  : got it hon

PISTOL44   : No...Iwant you to.

PJBASSMAN  : do you feel the cum up your ass?

JanineG    : give me the head of your dick in my ear

MR PIXEL8  : running out

JanineG    : hot nd steamy

JanineG    : no way pixel

PJBASSMAN  : do you feel the cum in your ear

JanineG    : Pj what your real name

PJBASSMAN  : are you interested?

JanineG    : i need to know unless you want to wear a black mask


JanineG    : a rubber one

PJBASSMAN  : but I'll wear it for you anyway

JanineG    : paul give me your dick

JanineG    : i want to measure it

PJBASSMAN  : where do you want it bitch

PISTOL44   : Aren't you forgetting someone?

JanineG    : i want it evetwhere

PJBASSMAN  : ::::::::::::::::::::

JanineG    : piistol what your real name

JanineG    : i like a 3 some

PISTOL44   : Michael

JanineG    :  a4 soe

JanineG    : oooooooh michael

PISTOL44   : No just you and me..sorry guys.

JanineG    : tellme al about yoru cocks

PJBASSMAN  : your having one baby I got your ass first, cunt
             second then your fucking full lips mouth

JanineG    : I need them all tonight

JanineG    : cant leave me empty for a minute

PISTOL44   : Such a lady!!!!

JanineG    : an abslolute slut

PISTOL44   : Yes! I do know you.

JanineG    : im also a fucking bitch who will treat you like shit

PISTOL44   : So what else is new?

PJBASSMAN  : Janine I stay rock hard after I cum

PJBASSMAN  : Thats the best kind

PISTOL44   : Don't you have a sense of humor?

JanineG    : listen guys im realy getting horney

PJBASSMAN  : NO ..she has a wet cunt

JanineG    :  im going to hane to jerk off

PISTOL44   : You can't be tired?

JanineG    : i need to cum

PISTOL44   : No...

PJBASSMAN  : then shut up and suck my ewt cock

JanineG    : i need sex


MR PIXEL8  : night hon

PISTOL44   : I told you..."CALL ME"

JanineG    :  im really going to have to touch myself

PJBASSMAN  : cock suck

MR PIXEL8  : do it

JanineG    : pistol i lost your iM


JanineG    : i already had to j off 2x before i came on line

PISTOL44   : That's a good omen...we should really lose it

PJBASSMAN  : squeeze your ass onto my hard cock Janine

JanineG    : now im going to have to wack off at least 3 more to
             get all the juices that you built up

JanineG    : unless someone wants to come over and have it explode
             al over their cock

PISTOL44   : I can hold my breath longer than you...don't worry.

PJBASSMAN  : ride my cock make me cum..and I'll let youlick it

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Msg#: 1315 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-23-94 15:26:29
Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 1235 (HOT)
   NOW we're talkin!  Oooooooooooh!  Its about time somebody started making
some sense around here.  All this talk of art and thoery, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
just give me a cock to ride!  And I'll lick your tits too Janinie

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Msg#: 1860 *LE BOUDOIR*
01-28-94 13:21:32
  To: CAROL BROAD (Rcvd)
Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 1315 (HOT)
        I think you scared off Janine.

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Msg#: 2844 *LE BOUDOIR*
02-11-94 16:20:08
Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 1235 (HOT)
Oh Janinie!  I hope you come back and i didn't scare you away.  I seem to made
a fool of myself, but I couldn't help it, I just got carried away with all of
it.  It was the only thing I could understand here, and so I seized on it, rode
with it...  I've been trying to grasp, but it was the only thing I could
grasp...  But all that's changd now, because now I'm reding Derrida, and I just
finished Marks' Grundrisse while I was away on tour.    And last night I
masturbate to Spivak.